Domestic Fragments

Domestic Fragments Plaster and found objects Size varies 2017

Domestic Fragments addresses universal issues of loss as related to our relationship with home and the individual and collective stories lost in the life cycles of urban degradation. Through the evocation of the domestic object, the works play off issues of psychological loss as related to memory and leaving home, and the nostalgic longing that our separation with our primal “home” and the objects within it creates. Through means of display, the objects are meant to function in conversation with the Homesickness Series and Portraits of Home painted series and serve as domestic “artifacts” representing the loss of the home, the loss of people and the related loss of memory. Combining disparate fragments of domesticity, parts of toys, dishes, photos, tools, bricks, linens, etc., these artifacts are familiar, yet appear foreign. Within each assemblage object the domestic fragments morph and disappear into abstracted plaster geological forms; the objects are visually present, yet seem physically absent and inaccessible. While these displayed objects relate the collection of mementos as attempts to hold on to memories and connections with place, the idea of the artifact also relates to common depictions of post-industrial cities as abandoned “blank slates” open for reinvention while failing to recognize or take into consideration the histories and communities that still remain.