Michigan Central Station

An Ode to Abandonment Acrylic, Thread, Beads on Quilted Fabric 46" x 60" 2010

The Ode to the Abandonment series celebrates the architectural history of Detroit’s Golden age and exploring its present state as a fallen utopian ideal. This monumental building, the Michigan Central Station, was built in Detroit by the same architects of New York’s Grand Central Station and once served as an icon of progress. I have reinterpreted the building through the space and the object of the domestic, through processes of quilting and beading characteristic of the inviting and luxurious items we display within our homes. Through the evocation of the home space I personalize this now decrepit building while also celebrating it through the heavy use of glass beadwork. The building literally glitters, speaking both to the building’s historical richness as well as it’s current iconic status as a symbol of Detroit’s decline.