Publication: Chaleur Magazine, Issue V.I I.VI

September 1, 2018

During the month of September, I am excited that works from my ongoing project “Homesickness Series” are being published in Chaleur Magazine, a literary and visual arts publication. The work will be featured in the September 2018 issue (V.I I.VI) along with the artwork of Sebastien Michaud, Adira Bennett, Yoko Kubrick, Scott Otteburn, and Rodrigo Etcheto.

I’d like to thank Chaleur Magazine for the opportunity to be included in their beautiful publication and the wonderful feature. Check out my feature and the publication through the links below:

About Chaleur

In the gripping social reflective, L’etranger by Albert Camus, a committed crime stirs the narrative and sets it on course to a riveting climax and conclusion. The pivotal moment is birthed by the sun’s heat, it “leans, opposes, hurries” the protagonist into action that irreversibly bends the course of his life. Chaleur Magazine is home to work that carries the sun’s heat, that carries a glow that cannot leave its visitors untouched. Here is the home for creations that are restless and spread their own brands of turbulence.


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